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With over 20 years playing the guitar, composing, producing music and writing songs, the artist known as Kliff Maati (Clifford Mathieu) continues to push the boundaries of his artistry with the launch of his clothing line, The Wisdom Apparel. The brand features original designs, acronyms, and showcases indigenous art with a twist. The name of the clothing line is a testament to the artist’s style of music which can be heard on records such as La Terre Bouleversée, a song about standing together during troubled times. 


Kliff Maati is a Haitian American born in Brooklyn, New York. Though he was born and raised in Brooklyn, he moved to Haiti at the age of 14 years old and spent five years there. “It was a huge paradigm shift in my life”, Kliff said when asked about how moving to Haiti affected him. “It was during that period of my life that I started reading books, playing the guitar, writing songs and had the idea to start a clothing line”, he explained. Years later in his adult life, the idea to create his brand would once again tickle his interest amid a dominating ecommerce boom.


Since launching his own brand The Wisdom Apparel in 2019, Kliff has created all the designs himself with the exception of a featured collection. For example, “Riva’s Collection” shares sacred art of Haitian indigenous culture through spiritual symbols called veve’s. The hand drawn symbols are a result of a collaboration with an artist named Riva Nyri Precil who provides the art, which in turn is digitized and placed on the clothing. 


The Wisdom Apparel invites you to celebrate and experience the wisdom imbued in each design. Welcome to The Wisdom Apparel!